The Eco Handbook that AILSA originally researched, wrote and produced for 20+ public sector organisations in Cheshire and Warrington has now been taken up nationally and adapted for use by police forces and local authorities alike. 

National Police
New for 2014 we have produced a bespoke, new and improved Eco Handbook for all officers and management of England and Wales Police Forces, the Home Office and ACPO.  This text of this new guide is not publicly available but the client is happy for it to be adapted for non-profit purposes by other public sector bodies.   For more information contact 

Cheshire Public Sector
The original Handbook, produced for Eco-Reps of the organisations within Cheshire and Warrington Public Sector Carbon Management Partnership can be viewed below, and is free to adapt for non-profit use. Contact AILSA if you are interested in using this approach in your organisation.

To request an adaptable, word-document, version of this Handbook please email or